-Global Political, Financial and Military Network
of Terror and State Control-

Welcome to the Jew World Order.

Yes, virginia, there REALLY IS a jewish conspiracy to rule the world. Based primarily in the United States (New York), the European Union (London), and in Israel (Jerusalem), this International Jewish political, financial and military network of Terror and State Control works and exists for only ONE REASON: to obtain and exercise Total Global Supremacy.

The International Jewish Empire has its tentacles in nearly every nation on Earth. It controls the Global Media. It controls the Global Financial domain. It controls the world's most lethal military forces. It controls national political parties, both left and right, using the hegelian dialectic to manipulate BOTH the status quo and the opposition, so as to neutralize any real threat to its existence. It controls banks, stock markets, insurance, transportation, telecommunications and entertainment industries, military and intelligence agencies and institutions, law firms and publishing houses, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, global mining, agricultural and petroleum/energy interests etc etc. In a nutshell, the International Jewish Elite control nearly every single facet of commercial society, exercising its power and dominion over the lives of literally billions of people throughout the world.

In the USA, one need not look any further than the Clinton and Bush Administrations, to see that Jews occupy (and have occupied), nearly every single strategic governmental position necessary in order to ensure that the interests of the international jewish elite are properly served.

The international jewish power structure remains a small minority though, which means they must rule, fight and exercise their authority by way of proxy, which indeed they do. This is their achilles heel, their greatest vulnerability and liability in world affairs. With a few million jews as underling servants to a handful of ultra-rich jewish individuals and families- who control not billions, but TRILLIONS of dollars, euros, yen etc, in a world of 6.5 billion people, its not hard to imagine that tremendous leverage mechanisms must be employed in order to control the masses.

One of the most important mechanisms they harness concerns the media and the flow of information, which they themselves manipulate to brainwash and propagandize the masses with on a daily basis.

No where is this propaganda more masterfully exemplified than with the current US War against Iraq. Beyond the fact that this war was used to eliminate Israel's most lethal enemy in the region, jewish controlled war propaganda consistently censors the number of Iraqi casualties, which are 10-50 times higher than the number of American GI's who have been killed (1,000 to 10,000-50,000 ratio). Ditto for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict where the number of Palestinians killed is similiarily 10 times that of the number of jews killed. And not to forget the little mentioned story of up to 2 million innocent Iraqi men, women and children who perished as a result of US-Jewish economic sanctions imposed upon that country in the 1990's.

Dare we mention the fact that the jewish nation of Israel currently weilds between 2,000-5,000 FIRST STRIKE nuclear weapons in the highly volatile Middle East? Where are the UN inspectors designated to go into this little terrorist sparta to uncover and dismantle their weapons of mass destruction? Further proof of International jewish geo-strategic hegemony and hypocrisy dictated from the corporate and governmental citadels of jewish power in America, the European Union and Israel. The state of Israel's next major enemies on their hit list include Iran and Syria, the former having an Islamic nuclear arsenal in an area of the world overwhelmingly populated by muslim countries. The jewish war on Islam continues unabated.

This international jewish plutocracy (rule by the ultra-rich) has its headquarters primarily based in the City of London, home of Rothschild Inc, himself a jew, perhaps the richest man on earth. England is, in fact, a financial oligarchy in its own right, purportedly run by the British "Crown". Within the City of London, there exists a one square mile financial district centered around Fleet St. Commonly referred to as the "vatican of the financial world", this small sovereign state is NOT subject to British law, and could be considered the very heart and soul of the International Jewish Empire.

The Vatican, in Rome, Italy, similiarily occupies a small sovereign religious state very similiar in size to the jewish financial principality based in London. The Vatican itself is known to be one of the richest organizations on Earth with a following of upwards of 1-1.5 billion christians, most of them catholic. The foundations of international freemasonry finds its roots in the Catholic Church of Rome. Many of America's founding fathers were masons as can be witnessed in the early architectural outlay and design of the city of Washington, DC. America, in following, has become a great center for right-wing and ultra-right wing masonry- many of its adherents are strong republicans and serve in the US military.

International jewry, on the other hand, is more socialist, multilateral, left wing, and globalist in its dealings with other peoples and nations throughout the world (with a few very notable exceptions). Throughout the years there has been this kind of dialectical confrontation/competition between international jewry and catholic christian freemasonry- the British Empire vs. the Vatican, Rothschild vs. the Global Mafia, Democrats vs. Republicans (in the USA), jew vs. italian, black 4th dimensional vs. white 5th dimensional lodges (in New Age terminology) etc etc...

Surely, it is no coincidence that the very same dialectical forces that opposed and eventually killed Jesus Christ (the Messiah) during his sojourn on Earth 2000 years ago, are the very same forces- being the international jewish elite and the roman italian/vatican empire of TODAY- who are set on persecuting the holy remnant in these last and evil days. Jesus Christ, himself a Jew, signifies that the coming Anti-Christ will emerge out of the jewish controlled United Kingdom, while the False Prophet of Revelations will arise out of the roman empire whore church in Italy- BOTH within the context of the rising Beast of Revelations, the European Union, the slated center for eventual world government in the years ahead.

With all this background in perspective, it is easier to understand why the jewish people, percieving themselves as being GOD's "chosen people", would have a consuming desire to acquire global power and establish once and for all their long delayed kingdom of God on Earth. In doing so, they would then enslave all mankind under the boot of a jewish master race led by a jewish messiah who is to rule from Jerusalem. A jewish utopia: world government, of the jews, by the jews and for the jews forever and ever, Amen.

Which brings us to their major stumbling block today: the USA. That America is controlled by the right-wing and ultra right-wing masonic military (in Eisenhower's words, 'the military-industrial-complex'), is easily confirmed. One need look no further than the current "nazification" of America in terms of the prison-industrial-complex, the push towards an all encompassing privacy eliminating National ID card, the further bolstering and erection of a casino economy, already passed executive orders laying the groundwork for martial law, the pre-emptive arrests of dissidents, the construction of concentration camps (complete with guillotines), a rapidly federalized national police state and on and on. Further, we have a government committing acts of state terrorism such as 9/11, that then gives them the needed justification to abolish inalienable freedoms and civil liberties guaranteed by Law in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Americans may even see another "october suprise" before the 2004 presidential elections that would determine the outcome in November.

On a more global scale, efforts are being made by the International Jewish Elite to find ways to eliminate the uncontrollable masses of people who now inhabit the Earth. Their goal is to reduce the human population from its current level of 6.5 billion and stabilize it to between 500 million- 1 billion within the next generation, to literally cull the human herd in the interests of retaining and protecting their own global power and the feudal system from which it is based.

The current US war against Iraq, Palestine and Global Islam are only laying the foundations for World War 3 in the region which will eventually erupt, killing millions and setting the stage for a jewish messiah to arise from Jerusalem (as planned), bringing with him a "measure" of peace that will be used to unify the world for the International Jewish Empire.


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